About Me

I am 27 and taking part in a one year journey as a Young Adult Service Corps missionary.  I have left my hometown in Cody, Wyoming, USA to work at Canon Andrea Mwaka School in Dodoma, Tanzania as a primary school teacher working with Standard 4 and Standard 6 students.  I am so excited to be granted this opportunity to grow and develop myself as a person and grow deeper in my faith as I share my skills with others in a part of the world most people I know have only heard about.


  1. Hi Heidi,
    Just found this BlogSpot--so this is where we can 'keep track' of you while you're in Tanzania? Nice page....love the color!

    Bobbie Hostetler

  2. Hello Heidi,
    Wow! Sounds like a great adventure! It is so nice to read your post and get a feel for what you're doing. Enjoy and know I'm thinking of you.
    Becky Davis

  3. SUCH an adventure! Love the pictures o your pretty home.
    Keeping you covered in thought and prayer, love and light.

  4. Dear,Sir how are you?Iam John I would to take this opportunity of Anglican Teach prayer Serve.However,I reside in Perth Western Australia Ian Iam Pastor of ULC I like to share Jesus Christ Message,I communicate in Swahili Luganda Kuku,Arabic and English.Thank you may God bless
    Yours Sincerely John Moro