Sunday, August 18, 2013

I didn't get here alone!

I was listening to some of my music the other day and came across a song that almost made me cry.  The words aren’t particularly sad, but most of them spoke to me on a different level.   The lyrics ring especially true this week as I have hit my fundraising goal!  I want to send a HUGE thank you to everyone who has been a part of this. 

While this song is about Kenny Chesney's journey becoming a country star, it speaks to my missionary year as well.  I didn’t get here alone.  My calendar is filled up with names of people who have contributed financially to my time here in Tanzania.  There are countless other people who have supported me in other ways.  I have friends who have written me wonderful notes to bring with me, prayed for me, and made sure I was well fed (and not only in body) before I left home.  Not a single day would be possible without those at home.  I also have some amazing friends who have begun their work around the world or are preparing for their year as well. 

“I wanna thank everyone out there for the ride, ‘cuz I didn’t get here alone.  Didn’t travel one mile on my own.”
Thank You!!!
I Didn’t Get Here Alone
By: Kenny Chesney
Everyone who helped pave my way
If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t be here today
All my friends, the girls, the broken hearts
All the critics the cynics the doubters
You know who you are. 
Mom and Dad, all your prayers
Those looking down from up there.
I didn’t get here alone. 
That road just too rough alone
I might be the one the spotlight’s on
But I didn’t get here alone
Yeah, I know I didn’t get here alone
The old ball coach who pushed me way too hard
The preacher man said trust in God you’ll go far
I’ll never forget the songs that changed my path
Just for one more reason I’m where I’m at
I hit walls and I wanted to quit
I picked myself up, but the truth is, yeah the truth is
The crew, the band,
Yeah all you fans
Who stood in line rain or shine
I wanna thank everybody out there for the ride.
‘Cuz I didn’t get here alone
Didn’t travel one mile on my own
You’re why I sing my song
You’re why I sing my song


Listen to it here...


  1. To be a small part of your journey is a blessing to me--and to others, too, I'm sure. I am awed by your courage to follow God's call to this mission field and am encouraged when my own fears try to surface! Your journey is a tangible reminder that the God who walks with us won't let us down...even when the going looks scary....

    God bless you, Heidi....I miss seeing your smiling face at church!

    Bobbie Hostetler

  2. You continue to be my inspiration....


  3. Heidi! You are amazing and I am happy to be a supporter and encourager!! I think you are great and deserve this great year long experience! I feel blessed to be able to share in it with you, through your blog, posts and chats!

  4. Love and miss you, Di!!! Setting up my room wishing that I had your creative expertise! You would be proud of me and my light up brain I made!! Hope you are doing great!!

    Carrie :)

    P.S. Hearts follow you!!

  5. Ola from Brazil! I'm a last year's YASC-er with another 5 months to go here in Sao Paulo, and I also happen to be Elizabeth's sister -- so I'm especially stoked you get to go to her African home away from home, Dodoma! :) I remember all the talking with her and hearing about her two years of life there, and I am super excited for you to have an awesome new experience of your own! I look forward to following your blog, and I'm super proud of all you YASCers! Keep it up! :)