Monday, March 3, 2014

A change of postion, a change of season

I apologize for the late post this week.  I had a busy weekend, mostly related to events surrounding my change of position again.  We talked a lot about the "f word" at YASC orientation before I left.  I've never had a problem with flexibility.  It's probably a good thing. 

I spent the weekend saying goodbye to an amazing lady and friend.  It will be so strange when the apartment next door is empty and we are down one American at CAMS.  She will be missed, for many reasons. 
CAMS staff gathered together for a surprise farewell.

I have moved this week back into Standard 1.  I will most likely be there for the remainder of the year.  I am really excited to be with the little guys!  They are a fantastic class.  I just wish it wasn't because I had to say goodbye to such a great person.

As we approach Ash Wednesday, I find myself getting very reflective.  Several years ago I gave up New Year's Resolutions as my New Year's Resolution.  I have stuck to it ever since.  Instead, I look at the season of Lent as my chance to make a change.  This year is no different.  Maybe I have more to think about this year.

I also have a different reason for being reflective.  This year, an idea has spread among my fellow YASCers.  If you follow this link, you'll find a daily reflection written by some amazing young adults around the world.  Each day during the Lenten season a different YASCer will write a reflection.  Check it out!

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