Sunday, February 23, 2014

Family Fun Day

Imagine the computer lab at your local high school (or secondary school for those of you outside the USA.)  Do you see it?  Now, imagine that the computers in that lab are aging and are slightly past their prime.  Now, imagine that the network that links those computers and the 3 similarly aging computers in the staff workroom is not quite capable of keeping up with the demand that the internet, multiple computer classes, and staff needs are asking for.  What do you get?  The CAMS computer system.
Having to battle with occasional power cuts during a computer class is tough enough, but when there is power and the computer system still isn’t working, things get more frustrating.  This is how the computer teachers at CAMS have spent their year.  Sometimes the computers are working fine and there is no problem.  Other times, secondary students who are studying computing are forced to work on computer theory rather than on actually using the computers.  As you can imagine, this becomes a problem for computer teachers and won’t help the students pass their exams.
The CAMS Parent Society recently decided to do something about this.   This weekend they organized a Family Fun Day to raise money to help the school upgrade the computer system.  The Family Fun Day was a blast!  It was really fun to see parents and students outside school hours and there were great activities set up, venders selling their goods, food, balloons, face painting, and a second-hand sale.  All the items were donated and a good time was had by all.  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. 
Face painting was a HUGE hit!  Lots of butterflies, spidermen, snakes, and sparkles!
No, I didn't get my face done, but you have to admit... he's got a cute one!
Bean Bag toss.  Winners got a sucker.  They were a hot item!
There was even a teachers vs parents tug-of-war game.  We let the parents win.  Didn't want them to look bad in front of their children. ;)
Maria was popular with her henna tattoos. 
Second hand items were sold on this veranda, which was also a popular resting space.
More face painting.

Quite possibly my favorite picture of the day. 
Even the secondary students got into the face painting! :)
I'm not sure how much we ended up raising, but I think it's safe to say that Family Fun Day was a fantastic success!


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