Friday, April 4, 2014

Term 3 Comes To An End!

Well, we made it!  Term 3 has come to an end, and what an end it was!!  Because of the bishop’s funeral we had a short week this week.  Our last day was Wednesday, which for part of CAMS was full of the Easter production and assemblies. 


Standard One was only involved in the Easter production.  We were in charge of Palm Sunday, which was great because we got to be crafty as we made our palms to wave in the air.  I am SO proud of my kiddos.  They were loud enough to be heard at the back of a room full of people (even with a torrential downpour pounding the metal roof with huge drops of water) and no one forgot their parts.  I’m sure I was cute, but I spent a lot of the time that they were on stage running around the building trying to dodge the water balloons the sky had decided to let out of the clouds so I could be near the stage to help the kids off.  It seemed like weeks of practice, rehearsals, and singing was all over in about 5 minutes.  It was worth it, though.


We went back to the classroom and had a bit of an Easter party.  The Easter Bunny even came and hid a piece of candy for everyone.  We watched a movie and went home at the end of the day saying goodbye to everyone for about two and a half weeks.  I love my class, but would be lying if I told you I would rather spend these next two weeks teaching them than taking a break. 


I wish I had pictures of the Easter Production, but since I wasn’t able to watch it I wasn’t able to take any.  I am hoping to take some off of someone who was able to.  Since there was such a short amount of time between the end of school and when everyone headed off for breaks, I don’t have them yet. 


I’m off tomorrow morning (I hate to use the word “morning” when I’m talking about a time when the sun isn’t even up yet) to Arusha.  LOTS of fun things are planned, including another day in the Ngorongoro Crater, helping a friend set up her house in Moshi, and some time at the beach!  I’m leaving my computer at home as I travel around the country this time, but I will be bringing my camera.  Prepare yourselves for a picture extravaganza when I return! 


I also realized that it’s been a while since I’ve thanked the people who have helped me get here!  I was so excited about Term 3 and the YASC Lenten Devotions (Which you can check out at that I missed a couple of months!!  So, TONS of thanks to the people who have brought me January, February, and March:



Bill and Doris Lucas, The Kellers, Pat and Gary Strnad, The Stephens Family, Kate and Warren Murphy, Marshall Dominick, Russell Keegan, David Dominick, Ernie McFarlane, Mom and Dad, The Bargain Box and Christ Church Mission Committee



The Kellers, Bill and Doris Lucas, Connie and Jay Moody, Betsy and Dan Sell, Kate and Warren Murphy, Sophia Nyquest, Jill Carow, Casey Horton, Bill Garlow, The Call Family, and The Bishop John Smylie



Bill Garlow,  The Kellers, Marshall Dominick, Kate and Warren Murphy, Kenneth Patterson, Press Stephens and The Foundation for the Episcopal Church in Wyoming

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