Saturday, April 6, 2013

It's starting to feel like this is really happening!

I just got off the virtual phone with Vicki, the principal of Canon Andrea Mwaka School.  It was great to get to talk with her about the school and what I am going to be doing!  CAMS is a Christian school in Dodoma, Tanzania.  It is a smaller school, but serves children from around the age of 3 until they finish at 16.  Many of the teachers and others who work there are, like me, there for only a short time.  Class sizes are kept small, with no more than 24 in a class, which is actually a little large than what I am used to here in Cody.

The school provides housing and I will be staying in one of their housing compounds.  They have set it up so that we don't need to bring or find a lot to live there for the year.  The apartment is furnished and includes some basic linens, kitchen supplies, etc.

I am going to be working with their Standard 6 class, which is the same as our 5th grade in the US.  I will get to partner with a teacher who went to CAMS as a child and is in training to become a certified teacher.  I am excited to work with her!  I'm sure I will be learning as much from her about teaching and learning in Tanzania as I can share with her about teaching.  I will also be helping in other classes with reading groups, something in which I have had a lot of experience!

It is finally starting to feel like this is something that is actually going to happen!  Up to this point, there was always a little part of my brain that said "everything hasn't happened yet, so it still might not."  Things are starting to roll, and roll quickly!

Part of my excitement is that I can now really start focusing on my fundraising.  I have a long way to go to get to my $10,000 goal, so it is nice to begin to work on it!

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