Sunday, May 5, 2013

Everyman and Me

It seems like I am on a never ending trip on a clock stuck on fast forward.  There is so much to do, and it feels as if time refuses to slow down. 

This week, I was lucky enough to play in the "pit" for a production of "Everyman," a medieval morality play.  The play was a fundraiser put on by some amazing adults in my church.  The money raised went to help our Journey to Adulthood group make a pilgrimage to Taize, France beginning on the 31st of the month.  I have been lucky enough to have been asked to help chaperone this wonderful group of high school students as they learn more about themselves and get to take an amazing spiritual journey.  I am personally looking forward to the trip as I, myself, get to look at my spiritual journey.  I can't think of a better way to prepare for a year of service.

As I watched the play from my place in the choir loft (or more like listened to it as my seat didn't have a very good view) I couldn't help but think of the journey I am on.  For those of you who aren't familiar with the story of Everyman, it is about the journey we all take when "Death" summons us.  Everyman, a jolly representation of our lives who likes to have a good time, is asked to take a pilgrimage of sorts and is told that he can bring along anyone who will go with him.  He asks his friends, family, possessions, strength, beauty, wits, knowledge, and the like to join him on a long, hard journey which they will not return from.  Imagine his surprise when his "Good Deeds" are the only things that stay with him, even into the grave. 

While I don't expect my year with YASC to lead to death, I am nonetheless going to be making a long, hard journey.  I am going to leave my family, friends, and most of my possessions behind.  I do not expect to return to my home the same as I left it.  I know that I am going to grow and change in ways I can't even imagine right now.  I can go forth with this knowledge and the openness to be able to experience all I can and learn to grow.

I have also been getting more and more donations for my trip.  Once all the money that has been pledged arrives, I will be more than halfway to my $10,000 goal.  I can't believe the generosity people have showed.  I was a little worried about meeting my goal given the great amount of money my congregation has found to send our kids to France, but I am blown away by each and every donation that comes in.  I continue to ask for your support and will hopefully have online giving set up soon.  In the mean time, check out my "I need you!"tab to find out how you can help me!

Also this week, my good friend had a baby!  He is 4 weeks early, but is doing well.  I am so excited that he came now so that I can have another month with him before I leave.  It was going to be way too hard to miss his entire first year!


  1. I love this analogy, Heidi! Embrace the journey!

  2. Oh, Lord, bless this day your servant, Heidi. Watch over her as she shares her many gifts with the people of Dodoma, Tanzania. Guide her footsteps as she walks along the path you have chosen for her. Give her strength for the journey, food for her hungry soul, and rest at the day’s end. And may she always feel your presence and everlasting love.